You elevate their minds, we’ll elevate your brand

Source Green gives Cannabis brands an opportunity to showcase their commitments to both people AND planet with beautiful, innovative and sustainable packaging solutions from order to unbox.

Give your customers what they want

You know your customers care about what they put in their body. But did you know they also care about how their choices impact the planet? Give them one more reason to fall in love with your brand and become lifelong fans with sustainably sourced, bio – based solutions that go back to nature. No greenwashing ever.

Truly sustainable solutions, tailored just for you

Strengthen your packaging value chain by choosing vetted, certified solutions that meet your needs along every step of the journey.

Materials you can feel good about

Your products may have ingredients that make your customers feel good, but what about planet earth? Choose packaging solutions that dispose completely and make a better tomorrow for everyone.

PLA (Polylactic Acid)
Recycled Paper

Stand behind your ESG commitments, from order to unbox

Sustainability goes beyond the product. Check out all the ways you can make a difference, from your warehouse to their home.
Child-Resistant Recycled Paper Tube or Box
100% Biobased and Compostable Pre-Roll Tube

Our customers love us

Our customers love us

“Source Green is not only informative, but they’re so easy to work with – I would 100% recommend them as the top place to go for good quality packaging.
Rachel D

Green isn’t just a mindset - it’s a movement. Are you ready to give your customers what they want?

Turn your packaging into brand value by making the greener choice from order to unbox.