Whitepaper: A guide to the future of sustainable packaging for CEOs, Business Owners & Supply Chain Managers

Consumer interest in the environment is higher than ever and brands around the world are actively seeking ways to implement (and talk about!) their green initiatives. Download our guide to learn how sustainable packaging can elevate your brand and all the opportunities along your packaging value chain to capitalize on this movement.


Sustainability, Compliance & Regulations

We require suppliers to provide 100% bio-based and compostable products that don’t contain any petrochemicals or plastic

Source Green is a certified B Corp (pending) company and we working with the most renowned, respected and recognized certifications and standards including: FSC, BPI, TUV Austria, EU Seedling, ISO, FDA, BRC, EU REACH, DinCERTCO, USDA Organic, Flustix, ABA, JPBA, PEFC and SFI.

Only non-petrochemical derived materials, renewable, compostable or widely recyclable (but never recyclable plastic, as we believe that plastic packaging recycling systems are not working). We work with hemp, algae, mycelium, wool waste, sugarcane waste, PHA, agwaste paper & wood pulp, cellulose, bamboo and tree-free paper. Learn more about our materials here.

All our paper based, wood, non-wood pulp and cellulose products are 100% recyclable. All our metal products are 100% recyclable. All our other products are 100% certified compostable (managed end of life) or naturally biodegradable (open environment).


We serve the following industries: CPG / Packaged Foods, Beauty & Cosmetics, Fashion, F&B, Cannabis.

Browse by Industry or view all our products, once you’ve found the product you are looking for, complete our Get a Quote form.

MOQs vary per product but as a general rule, the bigger the quantity, the more competitive the unit pricing.

Yes, most solutions can be customized. Reach out to us at for more information.


We ship globally, though shipping costs based on location.

Selling / Advertising

We love discovering new sustainable packaging materials. Reach out to us at with your product & business information. We’ll get back to you with next steps.

We have a variety including guest posts, white paper partnerships and email marketing solutions. Contact us at to learn more.

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