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Plastic Reduction Software for Business

Sustainable packaging is more than just buying materials to check a box – it’s knowing that you are actively making choices that improve the planet along every step of your supply chain. We know how hard that journey can be, so we’re making it easier than ever for you to discover, calculate & reduce your plastic footprint with our plastic reduction software for business. Going green has never been easier.

Discover the truth about your packaging

Have you ever wanted to calculate your Global Packaging footprint? Now you can! With our free tool you can get insights into your:

Recycling Claims

How much of your packaging ACTUALLY gets recycled?

Environmental Impact

How much of your packaging gets incinerated, burned, leaked or sent to a landfill?

Health Impact

How your packaging contributes to global health epidemics & air pollution?

Natural Extraction

How much crude oil is extracted to make your packaging?


How many microplastics are generated from your packaging?

Calculate the benefits of a plastic-free future

Want to go deeper? We’ll help you audit your systems and show you how to gain savings by reducing your plastic use so you can generate:

Benefits for the Planet

Improve the ecosystem by switching to reusable systems

Benefits for your Brand

Become compliant with local regulations & policies

Benefits for People

Communicate your impact with customers

Benefits for your Business

Cut costs by removing unnecessary packaging

Create an action plan

Create a plastic-free roadmap and stay on track with monthly reports to help you monitor your progress:
Track your progress
Create actionable goals
Include milestones and timelines
Compare results over time

Reduce your plastic packaging

Get personalized product recommendations that your customers will love from our marketplace of vetted sustainable products. Whatever your industry, we’ve got you covered.

Quickly compare prices

Instant Quote tracker

Customizable branding solutions

Seamless online ordering

Share your wins with customers

Your customers are just as excited as you are that you’re taking this green journey. Keep them in the loop by sharing your progress and commitments!

Get Started

Discover how easy it is to reduce your plastic footprint and strengthen your packaging value chain with our Impact Management platform. We’re here for you on this journey and can’t wait to see what you achieve!